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TGG Grant Provides Data for Further Funding

By Linda Costine

In 2016, Dr. Julie Horvath (NC Museum of Natural Sciences), Dan Dombrowski (NC Museum of Natural Sciences), Seth Faith (Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, CVM), Rob Dunn (Department of Applied Ecology, CALS) put together a summer internship project entitled Skin Infection in Dogs After Routine Surgery. Throughout the summer they worked with their summer intern, Mariah Teague.

At the end of the summer, Dr. Horvath and team expanded their dog skin microbiome project to include Drs. Kyle Mathews, Valery Scharf, Megan Jacob and Sid Thakur (College of Veterinary Medicine, Deb Bailey and Christy Flint (NC Museum Natural Sciences), Dr. Daniel Williams and Dawn Stancil (North Carolina Central University).

This expanded team has received a pilot grant, equally funded by the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine and the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, entitled Investigating Recovery of Skin Microbiota after Surgery