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Research Support Services

A collection of services from around NC State's campus that are frequently used by our members. These services are not managed by the CMI, only listed as available resources.

Clinical Studies Core (CSC) 

The Clinical Studies Core’s supports interactions between clinical and basic research groups within North Carolina State University and expands collaborative relationships beyond the university with practicing veterinarians, animal owners, and industry partners.

Molecular Education, Technology and Research Innovation Center (METRIC)

The Molecular Education, Technology and Research Innovation Center (METRIC) provides NC State researchers and University partners with world-class state-of-the-art measurement science facilities across four buildings throughout campus, encompassing three key molecular characterization technologies including mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance (NMR and EPR), and X-Ray Crystallography (small molecule and macromolecular).

Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF)

The AIF is NC State’s primary shared facility for materials characterization with a mission to enable and lead state-of-the-art research through acquisition, development, maintenance, training, and access to major analytical and materials characterization instrumentation.

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Facility (CMIF)

The Cellular and Molecular Imaging Facility’s mission is to provide access to advanced imaging equipment that enhances the research and teaching environment of NC State. Support and training is provided by experienced personnel.

Genomic Sciences Laboratory (GSL)

The GSL operates as a solution center and provides NC State researchers, collaborators, and the broader scientific community with access to high-throughput DNA sequencing, traditional Sanger sequencing and genotyping, and additional equipment services for functional genomic assays and mapping.

Lab Animal Resources (LAR) and the Central Procedures Lab (CPL)

Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) and the Central Procedures Lab (CPL) are housed within the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The College is recognized on the strengths of its teaching, research, engagement and patient care and encompasses 20 buildings on the Centennial Biomedical Campus.