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Leadership & Contact

Physical Address

Biomedical Partnership Center
1001 William Moore Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606

Contact Us

Sarah O’Connor, Executive Assistant
Phone: 919-515-8113

Follow us on Twitter: @ncstateCMI


Dr. Jorge Piedrahita


Dr. Piedrahita is charged with co-Directing a research institute involving faculty representing multiple departments and several colleges within NC State, plus Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest. He supports interactions between clinical and basic research groups by developing mechanisms that encourage and facilitate those interactions. When investigators come together, learn about each other’s research, and discover areas of collaboration, veterinary and human patients receive the benefits of this scientific community. In addition, he is committed to student mentoring and directs two CMI-based training grants, an NIH T32 for graduate students and an NIH T34 for undergraduates.


Joshua Pierce


Professor of Chemistry and University Faculty Scholar, Dr. Pierce employs synthetic chemistry to tackle problems in chemical biology and drug discovery. Through the development of novel reactions he aims to synthesize complex natural products and use targeted modifications to lend insight into their biological mechanism of action. Ultimately, these efforts will uncover novel drug lead compounds for further development. Dr. Pierce is also the Director of the Integrative Sciences Initiative.

Phone: 919-513-1480

Email: jgpierce@dwkoch

Leadership Contacts

Melanie Simpson, Co-Director, Chemistry of Life Division: 

Yevgeny Brudno, Co-Director, Chemistry of Life Division: 

Cristina Lanzas, Co-Director, Emerging & Infectious Diseases Division:

Frank Scholle, Co-Director, Emerging & Infectious Diseases Division: 

Lauren Schnabel, Co- Director, Functional Tissue Engineering Division: 

Rohan Shirwaiker, Co-Director, Functional Tissue Engineering Division:

Michael Nolan, Co-Director, Translational Pharmacology & Physiology Division: 

Santosh Mishra, Co-Director, Translational Pharmacology & Physiology DIvision: 

Thomas Theis, Director of Entrepreneurship: 

Ashley Brown, Director of Education & Training: 

Eleanor Hawkins, Clinical Research Representative: 

Matthew Fisher, Musculoskeletal Group Head & Program Manager, Comparative Molecular Medicine Training Program:

Carolyn Veale, Program Manager, U-TEAM Undergraduate Training Program:

Associate Member Committee Representatives:

Hisham El-Shaffey–Chemistry:

Jacob Thompson–Biomedical Engineering:

Alejandro Valdes–Chemistry:

Andrew Ratchford–Microbiology: