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Think, Collaborate & Do for Veterinary Clinicians

Networking & funding opportunities >$250,000 available to faculty, graduate students & postdocs. Specific funds provided by CMI and CVM have been set aside for clinicians to leverage their specific skill sets and collaborate with other CMI researchers. We expect to fund at least two proposals of up to 25K each.

Stuck in the clinic and can’t join the event in person? No problem! We’ve designed a Zoom option specifically for you!

How does this work?. You create a simple poster (see below for examples) and we provide a signup sheet by each poster. Anyone interested in talking to you will provide their information and their own poster number. You can then look up their poster and decide whether to contact them.

Why Zoom? We know you are super busy on clinics so we are providing the zoom option. At the end of the ideation event we will share with you all the contact information of all the people that have signed your posters. You job is to check their posters (they will all be on a Goggle drive folder) and decide which ones to follow up.

What proposals are we looking for? We are looking for proposals that have a clinical focus and that you play a central role in. These are collaborative proposals so you will need to find a collaborator (preferably non-clinical). Proposals are due June 26th. Funding decision will be made by end of July.

Any questions? Please email Jorge Piedrahita ( or Mike Nolan (

Friday, May 12th, 2023

12:00-5:00 p.m.

McKimmon Conference & Training Center

(Poster file must be uploaded by May 8th. Info in registration form below.)

Register to attend:Submit your research summary poster
Preview others’ posters electronically.
Learn & Mingle:Posters will be displayed unattended in two shifts to allow browsing
Leave your contact info for those you’d like to meet.
Ideate & Consolidate:Join groups and exchange ideas.
Finalize your ideas:Plan follow-up meetings & write your proposal