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Research Focus Areas

It’s All About Team Science

The needs of the patients direct the emphasis of basic research, patient samples provide the critical resource to investigate the basis of disease, and patient participation in clinical studies is required to generate the evidence needed to apply new drugs, vaccines and technology to the broader patient population. We currently focus on four areas of discovery that we refer to as research program areas.

Chemistry of Life
Focused on molecular-focused research from molecules to translational animal and plant sciences, such as drug discover and synthetic biology to novel biomaterials and molecular characterization. Specific themes include molecular mechanisms of metabolism and disease, molecular synthesis and biomimicry, and molecular therapeutics.
Emerging and Infectious Diseases
Focused on integrating basic and clinical research to investigate infectious diseases of animals and humans. Areas of interest include molecular pathogenesis, evolutionary and comparative genomics, mathematical modeling, antibiotic resistance, microbial diversity, pathogen detection, drug discovery and vaccines
Functional Tissue Engineering
Focused on creation and implementation of novel biomaterials, manufacturing approaches, mechanobiology, stem cell technology,  and large animal models and translation of basic findings into applications of clinical/societal applications.
Translational Pharmacology and Physiology
Focused on areas that span basic, translational, preclinical, and clinical sciences to clarify disease pathophysiology and utilize animal models to expedite the development and commercialization of diagnostics and therapies for a wide range of noncommunicable disease