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CMI Announces New Faculty Clinical Research Award

By Greer Arthur

Apply for up to 100 hours of Clinical Studies Core time through the new CMI award. This award is established to innovative, translational research collaborations between basic scientists and veterinary clinicians at the NC State Veterinary Hospital. The award, available for CMI members who are within the first three years of their appointment to faculty, will help new investigators incorporate clinical research into their projects by introducing them to the Clinical Studies Core (CSC). Based at the hospital, the CSC assists researchers with all aspects of clinical research, from patient recruitment and sample collection to IACUC preparation and data management. To work with the CSC, the only requirement is that at least one of the investigators participating in the project be a qualified veterinary clinician who has hospital privileges, in accordance with hospital regulations. By establishing this new award, the CMI will provide members with access to clinical expertise and a highly efficient, multipurpose service. In doing so, they hope to open new avenues for translational research, provide junior faculty with the freedom to embark on new and exciting projects, and facilitate novel partnerships between veterinarians and basic science researchers.

For a copy of the Award Application, please email Brianna Johnson, Operations Manager of the Clinical Studies Core at

For more information about the Clinical Studies Core, visit our website: