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FTE Seminar Series Continues with Dr. Mishra

The Functional Tissue Engineering Program of the Comparative Medicine Institute continued their Seminar Series this fall.   Dr. Paras Kumar Mishra, Associate Professor of the Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center was the guest speaker on August 30, 2018.  His seminar was entitled: MicroRNomics of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: From Regulatory RNA to Therapeutic Candidate. 

Diabetes is a rapidly increasing disease that increases the risk of heart failure. Clinical trial focusing on controlling the blood glucose levels in diabetic patients was unable to reduce the risk of heart failure. Therefore, understanding the causes of diabetic cardiac muscle disorder (cardiomyopathy) and developing new approaches to mitigate diabetic cardiomyopathy is important. MicroRNomics, genomics of microRNA, is an emerging area of disease biology. In his presentation, the role of miRNA as a regulator and a promising therapeutic candidate for diabetic cardiomyopathy was discussed.