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2019 BaM Project Reports

The five teams of Master of Microbial Biotechnology Program gave their final reports on September 19, 2019 at Stephens Room 3503 Thomas Hall.

The project titles and teams were:

Minimizing the PainPoints: Revolutionizing Point of Care Diagnostics

CMI PI: Dr. Michael Daniele

MMB Team Members: Emily Vernon (Team Lead), Karly Dugan, Jamal Koledoye, Leslie Shannon, and Maggie Thraen

Catching Cancer Before it Starts: Assay Development for the Detection of USF

CMI PI: Dr. Michael Sikes

MMB Team Members: Anarita Lynch (Team Lead), Monica Driscoll, Olivia Helvey, Hannah Kennel,

and Kristine Newman

Stem Cell Pig Models and Potential Applications

CMI PI: Dr. Jorge Piedrahita

Team Members: Drew Dispennette (Team Lead), Hank Beggs, Jordan Bischoff, Madison Frye, Mitchell Killar,

and April Nettesheim

Delivering a Solution to Medication Non-Adherence: Transdermal Microneedle Drug Delivery Device

CMI PI: Dr. Stefan C. Weiss

CMI Team Members: Dr. Kathryn Meurs and Dr. Roger Narayan

MMB Team Members: Alex Burd (Team Lead), Allison Eble, Shannon Harris, Jennifer Massengill, and Cat Sweeney

Novel RNA-Origami and Aptamer Technology Disrupting the Anticoagulant Market

CMI PI: Dr. Thom LaBean

CMI Team Member: Dr. Abhichart Krissanaprasit

MMB Team Members: Caleb Ocampo (Team Lead), Grace Carrell, Travis Kernodle, Lara Queck, Alex Rojas, and Michelle Verastegui-Sanchez

Congratulations to all participants!