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Young Scholar Award Winners 2019-20

Six Young Scholar Proposals were selected as award winners this year.

  • Chlamydia trachomatis immune response in primary porcine intestinal epithelial cells
    • Mentors: Amanda Amaral, Cecilia Schaaf
    • PI: Tobias Kaeser
    • Co-PI: Liara Gonzalez
  • Designer 3D matrices for hair follicle stem cell organoids
    • Mentors: Kathryn Polkoff, Parth Chansoria
    • PI: Jorge Piedrahita
    • Co-PI: Rohan Shirwaiker
  • Using decellularized ECM and DWNFE to create a tissue-on-a-chip to model the bone-tendon-muscle system
    • Mentors: Zack Davis, Andreea Badileanu, Stacy Schkoda
    • PI: Matthew Fisher
    • Co-PIs: Donald Freytes, Seth Kullman
  • Modeling clinical dosimetry despite effects on lung inflammation: Validation of in silico computational fluid dynamics-based and in vitro 3D printed respiratory system models for comparison to drug delivery in vivo to pigs with pulmonary inflammation
    • Mentors: Karl Schuchard, Jessica Gilbertie,
    • PI: Rohan Shirwaiker
    • Co-PI: Megan Jacob
  • Aerosolized delivery of micro-dosed liposome-encapsulted oligonucleotides for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in a murine model
    • Mentors: Kristen Popowski, Doug Snider, Ana Gracioso Martins, Karl Schuchard
    • PI: Ke Cheng
    • Co-PIs: Glenn Cruse, Donald Freytes, Rohan Shirwaiker
  • Investigating the Electronic-cigarette effect on mice lungs through 3D-imaging
    • Mentors: Adele Moatti, Anne Crews
    • PI:  Alon Greenbaum
    • Co-PI: Ken Adler

The award grantees will receive $4400 stipend of an undergraduate internship and $3600 in supply money.

Congratulations to all of our Associate Member mentors!