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Announcing the 2022 Ideation Awardees

Faculty Awards

  • Defining the role of TRPV1 neurons as regulators of radiosensitivity in head and neck cancer
    • PIs: Santosh Mishra & Michael Nolan
    • Funded by CMI
  • A Canine Cancer Moonshot: Belka and Strelka for Canine CAR T Cells
    • PIs: Yevgeny Brudno & Christopher Mariani
    • Funded by CMI & GGA with CATALYZE entrepreneurial supplement
  • A Multimodal Approach To Combat Skin And Soft-Tissue Infections
    • PIs: Reza Ghiladi, Ashley Brown & Ina Hermann
    • Funded by CMI & Department of Chemistry.
  • Textile-Based Robotic Tongue for Tissue Engineering and Teaching Applications
    • PIs: Xiaomeng Fang, Jeff Mielke, Martin King, Madelyn Oakley, & Daxian Zha
    • Funded by ISI
  • Effects of withaferin A on neutrophilic inflammation in a murine model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
    • PIs: Rosemary Bayless & Arion Kennedy
    • Funded by CMI
  • Novel intratumoral paclitaxel chemotherapeutic “TRAPs” for equine squamous cell carcinoma
    • PIs: Annie Oh & Rukesh Chinthapatla
    • Funded by CMI with CATALYZE entrepreneurial supplement
  • Revolutionizing Sustainable Dye Production Using Synthetic Biology
    • PIs: Tova Williams & Gavin Williams
    • Funded by CMI, GGA, & College of Textiles
  • Uncovering circadian rhythm regulation in a stem cell-based cardiac tissue engineering application
    • PIs: Jessica Gluck & Shobhan Gaddameedhi
    • Funded by CMI, GGA & College of Textiles

Student Awards

  • Tissue-on-a-chip approach to model tendon injury for testing of a novel regenerative medicine therapeutic
    • PIs: Drew Koch & Zachary Davis
    • Funded by CMI
  • Predictive Artificial Intelligence for Evaluating Non-Visual Light and Health Impacts in Office Buildings
    • PIs: Pegah Mathur & Sean Ekins
    • Funded by DSA
  • Visual Cortical Function across the Lifespan: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study
    • PIs: Patrick Seebold & Zachary Traylor
    • Funded by CMI & ISI
  • Fabricating an Assistive Knee Orthosis Using Miniature Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
    • PIs: Ashley Beatty, Muh Amdadul Hoque & Ricky Pimentel
    • Funded by CMI & ISI
We are very pleased to announce the 2022 Think, Collaborate & DO Ideation Awards. We received so many excellent proposals, and with the additional support of CMI’s CATALYZE program, the Genetics & Genomics Academy, the Data Science Academy, the Integrative Sciences Initiative, the College of Textiles, and the Department of Chemistry, we were able to fund more projects at a higher level that we had originally thought. A big thank you to everyone who made this happen!