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Musculoskeletal Group

Dr. Matthew Fisher will officially step into the position of the Musculoskeletal Group head.  He is an Assistant Professor in the joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. 

His long-research goal is to “utilize quantitative metrics and engineering principles to understand why individual tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches succeed within the body and to employ this knowledge to develop superior technologies, with a strong focus on orthopaedic soft tissues.”

“I am very excited to take on this position. Clearly, CMI sees the value and potential of the ongoing musculoskeletal research at NC State, and I look forward to strengthening ties among musculoskeletal researchers across campus. I also hope that this effort will lead to new and exciting areas of research. I believe we have a unique collection of expertise and resources that can lead to advances in basic science, clinical care, and commercial translation related to these important tissues.”

– Dr. Fisher on his new position within CMI