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FTE “Regenerating Opportunities” Event Scheduled

By Dr. Fran Ligler

The Functional Tissue Engineering program held an informal “Regenerating Opportunities” event on Thursday, May 19th in the CVM 101 Research Building.  The meeting was from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.  The purpose of this informal gathering was to foster collaborations in functional tissue engineering. Future meetings will be held at the College of Engineering, College of Textiles, and the University of North Carolina. The speakers that night included: Dr. Kyle Mathews, “Panel Introductions;” Dr. Jorge Piedrahita, “Introduction of a Grant Opportunity;” Dr. Shelly Vaden, “Urethral sphincter mechanism incontinence in dogs-response to regenerative medicine therapy;” Dr. Kathy Lunn, “Introduction to diabetes in companion animal species” and Dr. Chris Adin, “Islet cell transplantation to treat canine diabetes.”  The speakers were followed by collaborative discussion and networking.

FTE Members: Please plan on attending future events and encourage your graduate students and postdocs to become CMI FTE associate members and attend as well. To apply as associate members, all they need to do is email a cv to Linda Costine ( and cc. Dr. Fran Ligler (