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Functional Tissue Engineering Seminar Series Resumed

By Dr. Fran Ligler

The Functional Tissue Engineering Program (FTE) has some exciting programs scheduled this upcoming year. The “Regenerating Opportunities” Collaborative Seminar Series will begin again. The series is slated to be hosted by different members of the Regenerative Medicine working group – College of Engineering, College of Textiles, College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of North Carolina. The initial seminar was held on May 19, 2016 in the College of Veterinary Medicine and was very well received.

FTE is sponsoring the Graduate Poster Awards at the upcoming North Carolina Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society (NCTERMS) on October 27, 2016.

Functional Tissue Engineering members should plan on attending the FTE seed grant event that is scheduled for October 13, 2016 from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm, 4142 Engineering Building III.   A detailed email has been sent to FTE members.