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Translational Pharmacology and Physiology Program Define Working Groups

By Dr. Duncan Lascelles

The Translational Pharmacology and Physiology Program (TPP) held a workshop on May 12.  Each faculty in attendance presented an overview of their research.  The membership of the TPP is very diverse and this program helped to prompt discussions on collaborative potentials. Since this meeting, three defined working groups within this Program have been developed: Drug Discovery Group, Pharmokinetics Group, Pain and Itch Interest Group.

TPP’s pilot grant and member meeting will be held on October 17, 2016 in the Talley Center. Information regarding the meeting was sent via email.

Of particular interest to the TPP is an initiative (part of gaining a closer tie to the UNC CTSA) that is being worked on by Drs. Lascelles, Blikslager, Meurs and Piedrahita to better inform UNC researchers of large animal models. An outcome of this partnership was a webinar on this topic that took place on the 15th of September.