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CMI Interactive Science Outreach at CVM Open House 2017



An estimated 10,000+ visitors explored the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s Open House on Saturday, April 1.  CMI/CVM research exhibits provided hands-on interactive science in program areas such as infectious disease modeling, clinical studies, regenerative medicine, and forensics.  A few of the activities included: “Building Bionic Dogs,” “Growing Hearts and Bones in a Dish,” “Infectious Diseases and One Health,” “Yard Monsters: Invisible Parasites,” and “CSI: Animal Forensics and Genetics.”   CMI Associate members along with Graduate Student Association members were present to share information on career opportunities with visitors.  This annual college outreach opportunity has allowed the CMI and CVM research to showcase “Discoveries that Save Lives,” in human and animal health through exhibits that allow for visitors of all ages to step into science in a format that encourages interest by involvement while providing information on potential long-term careers.

The CMI would like to recognize and thank the following for their participation and contributions to this event:

  •  Forensics:  Seth Faith, Rachael Thomas, Melissa Scheible, Julia Allwood
  •  GSA Biomedical Careers: Caroline Johnson, Paige Nemec, Greg Krane, Takiyah Ball, Laura Minnema, Katie Sapko
  • CMI/CVM Nascone-Yoder Laboratory: Kristen Bagley, Nirav Amin, Evan Brooks, Caroline Chang
  • CMI FTE: Ke Cheng, Taylor Hensley: Cardiac stem cells
  • CMI FTE (3-D/biosensors): Matt Fisher, Ashley Brown, Donal Freytes, Michael Daniele, Stephanie Cone, Lewis Gaffney
  • CMI FTE: Jorge Piedrahita, Renan Sper. Gene editing in swine.
  • CMI EID:  Sid Thakur: Interactive Emerging and Infectious Disease Modeling
  • CMI TPP: Belinda Apka, Alexander Taylor: Modeling in Translational Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • CMI Program General Information: Linda Costine, Julie Nettifee, Tyler Johnson
  • CMI Clinical Studies Core: Eleanor Hawkins, Carrie Mueller, Corey Moore