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A Word from the Director – May 2017

Less than two years and CMI is now a thriving active community. Each of the four research programs continues to mature and lead exciting new initiatives. Equally important, the increased role and participation by the Associate Members have brought new ideas and energy into the CMI. The first event proposed and organized by them and lead by their Executive Board representative Alix Berglund, was a great success and enjoyed by all that participated. We hope this is the first of many such events.

We are in the process of preparing our annual report for ORIED and it is amazing to see that large number of activities that the CMI has undertaken this year. Combined, the CMI organized twenty-two events, ranging from multi-day workshops to invited speaker seminars. Those events not only provided opportunities for faculty to learn about each other and jointly come up with new innovative ideas (one of which contributed to an NSF Career Award!) but also introduced your research to members of the public. A thriving community indeed!

And as we mature, we are also positioning the CMI so it can take advantage of larger opportunities that can help us grow and sustain for the long term. From participation in a manufacturing initiative (NIIMBL), led at NC State by Dr. Ruben Carbonell, to starting discussions on training grants, to continuing to solidify and expand our interactions with external partners; all initiatives that will positively impact the members of the CMI.

On a sad note, as of June 30, we bid our farewell to Julie Nettifee. I want to thank her for all of her work and dedication. She will be sorely missed but I know she will continue to be an enthusiastic supporter and spokesperson of the CMI. If you see her in the corridors, thank her for all her work on our behalf!

Finally, I want to thank all of you for making the CMI an amazing thriving community!