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Data Visualization – An Associate Member Workshop

By Alix Berglund and Linda Costine

On November 16, the CMI hosted their second Associate Member Workshop entitled, Principles of Data Visualization. The topic of data visualization was chosen by the associate members and represents an increasingly important skill needed by researchers to effectively communicate their data.

Karen Ciccone, Director of the Natural Resources Library and member of the NC State Libraries Data Visualization services, gave an interactive presentation on the use of color, graph types, and available tools for effectively communicating research data.

Dr. David Reif, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and member of the NC State Bioinformatics Research Center, discussed the benefits of using data visualization to share and communicate large, complicated data sets with colleagues as well as the public.

The workshop was coordinated by CMI Associate Member Representative, Alix Berglund.

Thank you to Director Ciccone, Dr. Reif, and Dr. Berglund for making this workshop a success.