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Fisher and Schnabel Receive NC State RISF Award with Matching Funds through CMI

By Dr. Fran Ligler

BME Assistant Professor Matt Fisher and NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Assistant Professor Lauren Schnabel were awarded a Research and Innovation Seed Funding grant from NC State for their project titled “Effect of 3D culture and inflammatory conditions on equine mesenchymal stem immunophenotype and secretome stability – A Pilot Study.” In this proposal, the PIs aim to counter the immune rejection that occurs with allogenic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), banked from donors. They hope to accomplish this by modulating the immunogenicity of equine MSCs through in-vitro culture. This pilot study will analyze both the immunophenotype and secretome (what the cells release) of equine MSCs obtained from a unique herd of horses developed for studying the immunogenicity of cells.  These important initial RISF Award studies , that originated through CMI-FTE Seed Grant funding, will facilitate a budding collaboration between the PIs and will provide the necessary preliminary data for future grant submissions.  CMI, also provided the necessary matching funds for this award.