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Translational Predictive Biology Interdisciplinary Hiring Initiative

Join us and be a part of transforming the future.

Predictive biology will revolutionize essentially every aspect of our lives. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate data analytics/artificial intelligence and engineering with biological systems to predict in vivo responses from in vitro systems and transform the way we solve today’s grand challenges in animal and human health.

Translational predictive biology’s influence will be far-reaching and broad and will impact fields such as regenerative medicine, drug development, personalized medicine, biomanufacturing, and environmental biosensing, among others. Note updates at end of page.

To bring this vision to life, NC State University is excited to announce a new highly interdisciplinary and fully-integrated five-faculty hiring initiative with expertise in the areas described below.


Please note that the Organoid Biology, Organ-on-a-Chip, and Organismal Physiology positions have been filled. In August 2023, the Data Analytics position was reopened and the Pharmacogenomics position was refocused to Drug Delivery. For additional information, contact Jorge Piedrahita at

Data Analytics/Machine Learning

Open Rank. Assistant/Associate/Full Professor. Open Department.

Expertise in developing innovative approaches to improve multi-modal data integration and fusion, machine learning/artificial intelligence for applications to multi-omics and mathematical modeling of complex biological systems.

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Organoid Biology.

Ian Williamson. Assistant Professor. Molecular Biomedical Sciences Department.

Expertise in quantitative molecular and cellular methods and interested in applying their expertise to develop and apply new organoid-based models for predictive biology.
Drug/Biotherapeutics Delivery

Assistant Professor. Molecular Biomedical Sciences Department.

Expertise in addressing key challenges to pharmaceuticals and biotherapeutics delivery methods, and development of predictive models for assessing and improving drug delivery.

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Organ-on-a-chip/Microphysiological Systems

Sarah Shelton. Assistant Professor. NC State & UNC Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Expertise in microfluidics, biomaterials, biosensor technology, and/or their combination to develop novel cell-based microanalytical systems that can more accurately predict in vivo behavior.
Large Animal Organismal Physiology

Rosemary Bayless. Assistant Professor. Molecular Biomedical Sciences Department.

Expertise studying the impact of novel therapeutics, including pharmaceutical and/or biological therapies on animal physiology as a way to assess their safety and efficacy.