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Center for Applied Virus Experimentation (CAVE)

The Center for Applied Virus Experimentation (CAVE) was founded in 2020 by an interdisciplinary group of investigators including Drs. Frank Scholle, Scott Laster, Joshua Pierce, and Reza Ghiladi from COS, Drs. Elisa Crisci, Callie Fogle, and Tobias Kaeser from CVM, Dr. Lila from CALS, and Dr. Spontak from COE. Each founding member is well-connected to investigators in diverse disciplines within the CMI, across NC State‚Äôs campus, and beyond.

CAVE is stocked with a variety of different viruses including our most recent pandemic diseases: Influenza A, Zika, Dengue, West Nile, and Coronavirus. Founding members of CAVE have experience with a variety of assays typically used to monitor virus growth and infectivity. Ongoing experiments compare effectiveness of both natural and synthetic antimicrobial agents, as well as the development of an antiviral air filter for commercial use in places like airports and hospitals. (Read more about this in the CMI 2022 Magazine. Link below.)

CAVE looks toward a future where novel methods are used to prevent, diagnose, and treat pandemic virus infections. Do you have a novel compound or material that might exert an anti-viral effect? Are you interested in the genetic determinants that control sensitivity and resistance to virus infections? Do you want to know if it is possible to control virus replication through the foods we eat or engineer environments to inhibit virus infections? If so, CAVE is for you. Let us know how we can connect you with collaborators or help with the collection of preliminary data.


Dr. Frank Scholle

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, College of Sciences