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Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Training in Comparative Biomedical Research

The funded NIH T34 U-TEAM: Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Training in Comparative Biomedical Research, established by the Comparative Medicine Institute and Honors Program at NC State University, offers research support to qualifying underrepresented (UR) undergraduate students (as defined by the National Science Foundation –  who want to major in biomedical research disciplines with training in team science.  The program emphasizes interdisciplinary research training and provides extensive hands-on experience in challenging research projects along with extensive professional development designed to prepare trainees for a successful transition to PhD in biomedical sciences or MD/PhD programs.

Junior and Senior UR students SELECTED to be U-TEAM Research Scholars in Comparative Biomedical Research will receive:  a stipend (~$13,104 per year), full NC State in-state tuition and fees, and funds to support Summer research (~$3,000). Seniors will also receive a travel stipend to attend and present at a National conference (~$1,000). (These amounts are projections based on current available funding. Future stipends are dependent upon NIH T34 funding decisions.)

Entry Requirements:

Qualifying U-TEAM candidates will need to meet requirements for entry into the NC State University Honors Program.  In addition, they will be required to enroll in the U-TEAM feeder program (Teamwork in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (TIBR) minor) and meet the requirements.


Applications for Fall 2023 have now closed. Please watch this site for next year’s application in August 2023.