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FTE Grant Competition/Networking Event

By Dr. Frances Ligler


The Functional Tissue Engineering Members and Associates held the FTE Seed Grant event on Thursday October 13, 2016.  We had a lively networking session and exchange of ideas. Four outstanding presentations competed for two grants.  The winners were Dr. Qian Li (UNC) with Dr. Ke Cheng (CVM) – “Direct Cardiac Reprogramming via Targeted CRISPR/Cas9 Nanoparticles” and Dr. Donald Freytes (BME) with Dr. Michael Daniele (ECE) – “Development of a Real-Time In vitro Tracking Platform to Study Multicellular Interactions.”  Several groups developed ideas for undergraduate research projects to be submitted for CMI funding; three proposals were subsequently tendered from FTE.

fte_group_2  fte_group_1    fte_ligler_full