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CMI Sponsors International Comparative Workshop at NC State University

By Dr. Jeff Yoder

Comparative immunology is a relatively small, but incredibly diverse field. Groups under this umbrella study pathology, cell biology, biochemistry, genomics, development, the evolution of immune function, and the ecological aspects of disease, using models that range from C. elegans to mammals. The North American Comparative Immunology Workshops are designed to be small and “inexpensive” meetings, where graduate students and post-doctoral fellows can showcase their research and rub elbows with Comparative Immunology faculty from across the continent.  The location for NACI workshops alternates between US and Canadian universities, as well as between eastern and western regions of North America.

The 8th annual North American Comparative Immunology (NACI) Workshop (, which is being organized by CMI members Jeff Yoder, Matt Koci, Jonathan Fogle and Mike Sikes, will be held at NC State University June 12-15, 2017and is sponsored, in part, by the CMI.  Additional sponsors include: NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, NC State College Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine.  Also, funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and NC Biotechnology Center.