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Congratulations to CMI Summer Students

We would like to congratulate all of our summer students that participated in the 16th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium on August 1, 2017.  Seven students from the Translation Genetics and Genomics Program and nine students from the Summer Interdisciplinary Research Initiative.

Hochstetler, Amber & Joisa, Chinmaya – Engineering Multi-Scale Materials to Optimize Wound Healing Response (Mentors – Ashley Brown, Biomedical Engineering and Thom LaBean, Material Science Engineering)

Martin, Mitchell – Immunosuppression in Malignant Canine Gliomas (Mentors – Christopher Mariani, Clinical Sciences and Jonathan Fogle, Population Health and Pathobiology)

Jarmer, Hannah – Antivirals Derived from Plant Extracts to Combat Zika Virus (Mentors – Scott Laster, Biological Sciences and Frank Scholle, Microbiology)

Martz, Elaina – A Solution to Peto’s Paradox: p53 Copy Number in Large-Bodied Marine Mammals (Mentors – Seth Faith, Molecular Biomedical Sciences and Jason Somarelli, Comparative Oncology

Cruz, Eddy – Identifying Novel Innate Immune Response Targets to Alter Salmonella Typhimurium Pathogenesis (Johanna Elfenbein, Clinical Sciences and Mary Katherine Sheats, Clinical Sciences)

Ambati, Sindoor – Microfabrication of Bioengineering Muscle Tissues for High Throughput Screening (Mentors – Donald Freytes, Biomedical Engineering and Michael Daniele, Electrical and Comp Engineering)

Davis, Jay – Nanofiber Scaffolds for Cartilage Repair (Mentors – Matthew Fisher, Biomedical Engineering and Michael Daniele, Electrical and Comp Engineering)

Hemphill, Meredith – Allele-Specific Gene Expression in Hybrid Drosophila (Mentors – Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences and David Aylor, Genetics)

Jenkins, Katie – ABCC11 Variants Influence Skin Microbes and Earwax Type (Mentors – Reade Roberts, Biological Sciences and Julie Horvath, Research Collections)

Kornegay, Caroline – A Nove Steroid-Eluting Esophageal Ring for Treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (Mentors – Anthony Blikslager, Clinical Sciences, Rahima Benhabbour, Pharmacy-UNC and Evan Dellon, Medicine-UNC)

Slayton, Lauren – A Translational Model for Canine Hereditary Ataxia in Drosophila (Mentors – Mary Anna Carbone, Biological Sciences, Robert Anholt, Zoology & Genetics, Natasha Olby, Clinical Sciences and Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences)

Russell, Hayley – Modeling the Collective Dynamics of Host Cell Defense against Virus Infection (Mentors – Ruian Ke, Mathematics, Barbara Sherry, Molecular Biomedical Sciences and Katie Koelle, Biology)

Correia, Isley – Brain Neural Coding in Response to Pain Induced by Inflammation and Osteoarthritis (Mentors – Duncan Lascelles, Clinical Sciences and Santosh Mishra, Molecular Biomedical Sciences)

Slaydon, Josh – Cardiac Expression Patterns Associated with Feline Cardiomyopathy Mutations (Mentors – Mary Anna Carbone, Biological Sciences and Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences)

Brown, Alan – Allele Specific Gene Expression in Hybrids (Mentors – David Aylor, Genetics and Thomas Konneker, Biological Sciences)

Balch, Mara – Genetics of Host Resistance to Lethal Salmonella Infection (Mentors – Johanna Elfenbein, Clinical Sciences and Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences)