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TPP Presents “Stairway to Heaven: Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations

By Julie Nettifee

Dr. Anthony Blikslager presented a December 2016 seminar entitled “Stairway to Heaven: Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations.” He creatively shared how a background in veterinary medicine, research, gastro-intestinal disease interest and a prior history as a member in a rock band has provided the backdrop to successful collaborations, funding and new opportunities in interdisciplinary research.

Any successful musician quickly learns that practice is needed to hone the skills for the sound to actually produce artful creations. As part of a larger group, each and every member must rely not only on their skill, but the skill and contributions of all members producing a variety of sounds to create the music at precisely the right time.   Successful research collaborations are no different, with some of the greatest outcomes perhaps being developed by chance encounters in elevators, on planes, and during interactive opportunities or CMI-sponsored events!